Cell Movie Review

Cell Movie Review

The film “Frequency”, adapted from the famous novel “Cell” by eccentric writer Stephen King, is now in theaters in Turkey, and dozens of his novels are now on the big screen. The film is directed by Todd Williams and stars Samuel Jackson, Isabel Fuhrman, and John Cusack. American master writer Kim led the screenland into the industry through the theme of breaking the boundaries of thought, and he continued to amaze us. Interestingly, although reading Stephen King novels is simply torture, I can say that due to constant changes in technology, novel cases reflected on the screen acquire view. With the film “Supernatural Activity 2”, the director Williams, who made a technological breakthrough, quickly rose again during this new film. The young director used the name of the master within the performance and gave the image quality to Michael Simmonds to shoot the magnificent area of ​​the film in an exceedingly very cinematic way.

Cell (Frequency) shows zombies in numerous ways in many of our phantasy movies, just like the Walking Dead. Between events, people won’t become zombies filled with diseases or viruses. the first stage in today’s technology puts mobile phones in everyone’s hands, and also the bottom station under our noses is that the middle of the matter. High-frequency waves are produced around the earth. it isn’t difficult for somebody who wants to attack to use these electrical waves to directly touch the human brain. After this wave of waves hit, people began to burn their brains, doltishly, almost like the walking dead within the movie. Let’s take a look at the depth of the film: Clayton Riddell might be a awfully famous writer at the height of popular culture consciousness. you wish to move to Boston to show your latest novel to your editors and audience. Riddle, who left his family on the day of the demonstration, witnessed strange events within the globe and tried to survive through the technology utilized in primitive times. We saw in one breath how a bunch of people defeated this attack unsuspectingly against a rapidly evolving technological attack.


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