Certified Copy 2 Movie Analysis

James and Elle took advantage of the good weather to spend time outside and left. The close-ups of Kiarostami, which we are accustomed, and when the car needs an outsized angle from time to time, are quite obvious during this film. Of course, these shots won’t miss the attractive natural scenery and architecture of Florence.
James said he wanted to enjoy the scenery and pointed to the encircling cypress trees. He said that they have all the characteristics of works of art and added: “Original, beauty, antiquity and functionality are the definitions of art, but nobody pays attention to them because they don’t seem to be within the gallery.” For Cypress, the concepts of beauty, age and performance don’t seem to be as controversial as originality. So Kiarostami asks here “What is that the originality of art?” You obviously want us to consider your question. So cypress trees don’t seem to be primitive, because there’s over one of them? it’s useful to reflect on this in Edvard Munch’s series of paintings, “The Screams of Nature.” This series is painted in oil and some pastels painted by Munch between 1893 and 1910; it’s product of four very similar images. Well, although these four paintings are so similar, are you able to tell which one is that the original? That famous painting, also remarked because the “Scream” painting, is absolutely the second within the painting, just a reproduction of the first painting, with some different technical details. Should or not it’s violated by the unacceptable term of originality in Cypress just because a cool painter painted it?

The originality of art cannot be considered independently of the artist. Let’s take an example from the film industry: Tarkovsky’s cinematic style is so distinctive that it cannot be imitated. Even a very short Tarkovsky copycat scene we saw during a feature is enough to remain us off from the movie. whether or not the scene reaches Tarkovsky’s level, our minds won’t allow us to eliminate prejudice, which we cannot be able to make an objective evaluation. If we discover that the scene was actually shot by Tarkovsky and added to the movie later, then everything will change. In other words, we cannot think that we do not accept the actual fact that something is original independently of the intellectual knowledge we’ve.
Throughout the movie, Kiarostami wants to know what the initial is for. as an example, when Elle was driving, her sister Marie changed her name to “Mmmmmarie” because her husband stuttered.
Linde said she likes reading noticeably. He claimed that Mary thought it had been a love song, and even that it absolutely was actually her name, and was incorrectly registered within the population. Mary likes the initial way her husband calls her. But originality isn’t enough. it is also important who this fashion of address comes from. In other words, it makes no sense to call Mary someone else’s wife.

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