My Thoughts On Chungking Express 2

My Thoughts On Chungking Express 2

Do we believe coincidences? once we climb into the magical lifetime of coincidences and permit us to watch their world, it’s impossible to not consider the coincidences in our own world. Our lives…remember the powerful coincidences of the reality that gave birth to love and make us believe it…maybe this movie will capture our weakest place; by our memory and our love The strong memory created…
Forgetting means taking another step. If we aren’t ready to start, why should we forget? Instead, we’ll do anything to remind ourselves of things we don’t want to forget. Angel No. 223 did just that. whether or not you think that that you simply wish to forget, what you have done becomes a step to prevent you from forgetting. In another Wong Kar Wai film, i’m a friend of [Dung che sai duk (1994)], and there is a line which is able to never be erased from my mind: “The more you remember what you’d wish to forget …”. “
brings us to the second a component of the movie. Here, we met Faye, and this number has created 223. A waiter plays loud music so you are doing not consider it. She is sometimes the music in her ear; the dream from California … When he heard, the only thought on his mind was: “This is my life, what if I’m in California?”

Meet Faye Wong and thus the defender (# 663), Love initially sight, discover new coincidences, interpret the sweetness of affection … Faye rescued the wounded policeman during a totally different state. Strangely, he led the police escaping pain to face it. The policeman, who only remembers things around him when he was along with his beloved woman, hardly noticed that Faye Wong had changed them against her wishes. Therefore, we try to seek out the foremost touching story we are ready to see (and even experience). it’s visiting be performing some very simple things, but considering the life, this small symbol provides us with an example of how our feelings or opinions will change because the environment changes.
-Deception How long can the things we believe last? Perhaps we blindly believe; we can’t forget, we can’t save ourselves, our efforts and love can’t be lost…what happens once we face things which is able to tell us differently? When our faith is shaken, what’s going to we believe? after we start to believe change, we start to simply accept the long term of our world.

Is it easy to lick? we start to urge answers to those questions within the last 45 minutes of the movie. it’s filled with us, full of faith. Every scene is “Believe! The change is there, as close as your breath,” he said.
Everything has its opposite. You don’t believe it because you have faith in something, you don’t really believe it. you’ll be wrong because other stuff you’re thinking that will lead you astray. you are doing not prefer it, then you like something else at all over again … Everything is that the unity of the union, allowing you to urge closer to the aim you’re trying to urge to.

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