My Thoughts On Chungking Express

My Thoughts On Chungking Express

As an exponent of philosophy, I can say that Far Eastern movies are my pen. Of course, if we accept that psychology is (to some extent) derived from philosophy, it is vital to not forget that there are deep data and symbols. Sometimes a 2-3 hour movie will cause you to require you’ve read a book. In fact, my love for lots Eastern movies started at that time.
As for Wong Kar-wai … there is no movie that cannot be heated. additionally to its “spiritual” depth, its unique color can make me fall loving with its films. i’ve got to admit that after I feel sad, bored or weak, i exploit it as an energy reserve.
i don’t know the way again and again my mom and dad’s “California Dream” have touched my ears. Whenever I watch this movie, this song will repeat on my playlist for a protracted time. additionally to the meaning given thereto during and after watching it, this movie gives a song a novel meaning, which can be an excellent feeling.

Let’s start our story… He told a straightforward story, using phrases, names and colors that you simply simply would never consider, so it should be said that we didn’t find ourselves and internalize them. this could be the exquisiteness of Wong Kar Wai. within the movie, he held our hands tightly and didn’t leave. you’ll hear him say, “This movie is you.”
we’ve got all had painful love stories. What makes us move to bed, we expect we cannot live without it, we seek different pleasures or we seek a replacement love. Later, such a thing happened, although we realized it from time to time, a life filled with coincidences dragged us elsewhere.

We follow the story of two policemen in numerous ways to suffer love and acquire obviate pain. We observe the intersecting lives, how opposing characters meet, strange coincidences, and everybody who enters our lives determines our future in a very way. within the primary a component of the movie, we see a policeman (No. 223) struggling within the agony of his predecessor. Who among us has not done what “he” loved such plenty in his absence to preserve his memory? Who among us thinks that we cannot live without him, not cry like hell, or we try and not cry? within the movie, we see a policeman running headline over heels so as to not cry. His claim isn’t wrong: he wants to run and sweat to empty fluid from his body and avoid crying. he’s also very angry because the souvenirs have a fundamental measure.
One day, he met a awfully interesting woman. a girl who wears a raincoat in midsummer and never dashes her sunglasses. If you ask a girl why, it is not clear when it’ll rain and when the sun will appear. If you ask that man, the woman won’t commence her sunglasses, so she goes to not show that she is crying…

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